our services and the way we operate

Our mission is to provide high quality support services to families with disabilities. We will provide this with warmth, humour and affection. Our aim is to bring happiness into children’s lives and help our families enjoy their children.

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Our Services

Our Services

We assist families throughout Milton Keynes, Northamptonshire, Buckinghamshire and Bedfordshire (Central and Borough) in the care of their children and young people who have a learning or physical disability. This support may be either in the child/young adult’s own home or in the community. We can provide you with that well-needed break from caring constantly for your child. We have a highly skilled and trained team of carers who do this job because they are passionate about improving the outcomes for children with disabilities. We recognize the stress you can be under and realize that spouses, partners, siblings and even the family dog may need a breather from your child and your child may need a change of scenery or time out with someone fresh too. We aim to teach children independence and social skills in accordance with your wishes whilst ensuring that they have fun and are kept safe. We take children to community activities and help them integrate into society. We can also help with day to day personal care routines, physiotherapy programmes, gastrostomy feeds and behavioural issues. We work closely with Health, Social Services and Education colleagues to ensure a consistent approach for your child.

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Range Of Activities

In the community

Swimming, bowling, cinema, parks, trains, zoos, farms, trampolines, activity centres, fishing, golf, high ropes, climbing walls, playing or watching football and rugby, gym, Scouts or Guides, library, social clubs, church, discos, sports, job searching, walks in woods and many more.

At home

Cooking, arts and crafts, games and stories, getting ready for school, bath and bedtime, feeding and help with meals, physiotherapy programmes and homework, teaching independence skills such as washing and cleaning.

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Hours of Operation

Care Forum (MK) Ltd can support families during daytime hours, evenings and weekends. We provide waking night care and we have provided complete weekend cover in the child’s home whilst parents take a mini-break. Supervisors are available for routine matters 09:00am – 8:00pm Monday to Friday and Saturday mornings. Managers are also available for emergencies outside of these times.

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Staff Training

Adult and disabled child playing in the park

All carers receive basic induction training which includes how to keep children safe from harm, how to move children who use wheelchairs and hoists safely, how to manage challenging behaviours, first aid, autism awareness, administering medication and person centred care. When children have specific needs, carers are also individually trained by nurses in gastrostomy feeding, epilepsy, use of oxygen, tracheostomy care and suctioning. We believe that if a parent can be trained to perform a procedure then so can we, so we won’t turn you away if your child has more complex needs. Almost all of our team hold an NVQ/CQF Level 3 or equivalent in child care and those that don’t are working towards it. Many carers hold degrees and several team members are university students studying teaching, nursing or social work.

Registered Provider

Care Forum (MK) Ltd is registered with the Care Quality Commission. Kerry Swan is the Registered Manager for the Home Support Service. Our registration Provider ID number is: 1-101680032 and Kerry’s Manager ID is CON1-590581937.